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be careful some dudes will say anything to get back in asked by Anonymous

I know lol but nah he b crying n shit over me

I love your blog but damn with your negativity! Did you wake up today? Are you still breathing?! Then do something about being miserable and try to make yourself a little happier😸you're far too beautiful to be so damn salty about life asked by blowlikebarbie

thank you and honestly you’re so right, I try lol trust me I really do try!! Can’t really complain about anything as long as I got food and shelter. xoxoxo

Fingering or stimulating tha clit? asked by Anonymous

yo mama


This is how I feel constantly
So what do you look forward to? What makes you happy? What's your outlet? asked by Anonymous

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I guess freedom makes me happy. and food

So what do you care for? asked by Anonymous

not a lot..

Do you masturbate a lot? See I don't just give it to niggas easy, but I be fingering all the time. I only want sex if it involves love. But I love the pleasure. asked by Anonymous

Lmao chill out I ain’t got time for that